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Top 9 best propane pizza ovens for 2022 – Detailed comparison

Ooni Kura 16 first use
By: Ooni

If you are a pizza fan, you’ll probably agree that there is nothing better than an authentic crispy Neapolitan pizza, from a professional pizzeria or restaurant.

Well, today I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong! 

Although a pizza made by a pro pizzaiolo can be delicious, every pizza oven owner will tell you – there is nothing like making your own pizzas in your backyard.

And I totally agree.

When making your own pizzas, you have full control over how they will taste, and make them fit your own personal preferences. 

As a result, pizza ovens are becoming more and more popular these days, and for a good reason if you ask me! 

They make it possible for every individual to make Italian-level pizzas in their own backyard. 

But why propane pizza ovens?

If you got here you probably know that propane pizza ovens are a great choice, and if you are still not sure about it, I’ll explain here why propane pizza ovens are the best type.

In short, propane pizza ovens are simple to use, fuel-efficient and the most convenient pizza oven type out there.

They are definitely a great way to get started with making your own pizzas at home, and if you ask me – a propane pizza oven is the way to go. 

But with so many options on the market, how can you know which one is best for you? 

That’s why I’ve put together this comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about the top 9 best propane pizza ovens on the market.

And I’m sure that by the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and choose the best one for your needs. 

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the leading oven on your list!

Table of Contents

1. editor's choice & best overall - Ooni Koda 16

overall score

Our Ratings

Performance 5/5  Assembly 5/5  Ease of use 4/5  Heat retention 3/5   

Let me start from the end – If I were to buy a propane pizza oven today, the Ooni Koda will be my top pick without a doubt!

The Ooni Koda is one of my favorite ovens on the list and I have been using it for the past year as my main oven.

The Koda is one of the best-selling pizza ovens on the market and is the main competitor of the Roccbox.

What makes it the best out of 9 other ovens?

The Koda, made by Ooni, is a superior oven that performs well in all aspects.

Ooni has put hard work into building a product that shows top-notch performance, while still remaining an engaging and user-friendly product.

Also, the convenience of this oven is on point. With it’s spacious 16-inch entry, launching in the pizzas is very comfortable and so is turning them inside the oven.

With the oven’s special L shape burner, the Koda will reach 500 degrees celsius in 20 minutes and cook you a crunchy and authentic pizza with the Leopard spots we all wish to achieve.

The materials of the Koda are on the high-end side – with a powder-coated shell that helps improve the insulation and a thick stainless steel body, the Koda is built to last.

And if you do face problems, worry less. Ooni provides a one-year warranty as standard on their ovens which can be extended to 3 when you register your pizza oven with Ooni.

The downside of the Ooni Koda

After I’ve used the Koda 16 for a year, I have to say it worked perfectly fine with almost no problems.

The only thing that bothered me with this oven is its heat retention.

If you are planning to cook for larger groups and make batches of 5 or more pizzas, keep in mind that the oven takes about 5 minutes to heat back up between pizzas.

Another thing that I found a bit annoying is that the Koda doesn’t come with any other accessories. Instead, Ooni offers an oven bundle that will cover you with everything you’ll need.

Is the Ooni Koda 16 worth buying?

If I had to summarize the Koda 16 in a few words, I’d say that out of all propane pizza ovens, this oven is the best value for money.

With its great performance in all areas, high-quality build, and a one-year warranty as standard – the Ooni Koda is an oven that will give you everything you need and more.

Moreover, out of all the ovens on the list, I must say that the Koda 16 is the perfect size oven. A 16-inch oven is much easier to work with than a 12-inch one and if you ask me or any other pizza oven owner, the extra investment is definitely worth it.

If you are looking for the best propane pizza oven on the market – the Ooni Koda 16 is the one for you!


Ooni Koda in use
By: Ooni

2. best performer - gozney roccbox

overall score

Our Ratings

Performance 5/5   Ease of  use  4/5   Heat retention 4/5  Assembly 5/5

The Gozney Roccbox is in my opinion one of the greatest ovens on the market and is very common among pizza oven owners.

Why is the Roccbox one of the best ovens?

Well here are the key points that make the Roccbox unbeatable.

First of all, the Roccbox is made by Gozney.

Gozney are known as one of the leading companies in the pizza equipment industry, and their products are used by some of the most reputable pizzerias in the world. 

The Roccbox appeals to their standard and is made out of the highest quality materials, resulting in a very well-insulated oven that will last you for years to come. 

(Not to mention the 5-year warranty  that Gozney offers)

The next point is what really makes the Roccbox the best deal out there – THEY GET YOU ALL COVERED.

Most pizza ovens on the market come with the oven only as standard, and you will be required to buy a few accessories separately. 

However, with the Roccbox, everything you need is included in the package!

It comes with a high-quality perforated pizza peel, a gas burner attachment, and finally a built-in temperature gauge, so you’ll know when your oven is ready to cook.

The Roccbox also has an optional wood burner attachment that you can buy, which gives you cooking flexibility.

As for performance, the Roccbox can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius and will make you outstanding pizzas in minutes.


The downsides of the Roccbox

One of the main downsides about the Roccbox is that it’s not spacious.

It comes with a 12-inch stone which is on the smaller side compared to the Koda 16 for example.

This might not be a problem if you are cooking for one or two people, but if you want to make larger pizzas or batch cook – you might want to consider a different oven.

I would love to see Gozney coming out with a 16-inch version of the Roccbox.


Should you go with the Koda or the Roccbox?

Overall, these two ovens offer quite the same performance. They will cook you amazing pizzas and you won’t regret buying either of them.

For me, a 12-inch pizza oven is a bit too small and many pizza oven owners will tell you the same. 

If a 12-inch pizza oven is enough for you, I would definitely say go with the Roccbox, but for those of you who care about cooking bigger pizzas and having a wider working area, I’d say go with the Koda 16

Pizza made in the Roccbox
Image By: @renespizzaplace

3. Best automated oven - Mimiuo pizza oven

overall score

Our Ratings

Performance 4/5   Ease of use 5/5   Heat retention 3/5   Assembly 4/5

Do you love making pizza but hate that it always turns out burnt on one of its sides?

If so, the Mimiuo pizza oven is the perfect solution for you! 

The Mimiuo pizza oven reaches 500 c in just 20 minutes and will cook you an authentic Neapolitan-style pizza in just a minute.

But that’s not even the good part about it.

The Mimiuo comes with an unusual feature – an electric rotating stone. 

Just place your pizza on the stone and watch it rotate inside the oven, ensuring that your pizza will be cooked evenly on all sides.

You’ll never have to worry about undercooked or burnt pizza again!

If you ask me, a rotating stone makes life much easier. You won’t have to worry about turning your pizza every 15 seconds, you have an oven that does the annoying job for you!


The bottom line

I have to say, overall, the Mimiuo is a great oven to invest in.

It’s a one-in-a-kind oven that comes with a feature you won’t see anywhere else, the quality of the oven is top-notch, it comes with a peel and a cover, and if that’s not enough, it comes with an affordable price tag.

The only thing I could say that could be seen as a downside is the oven is that it doesn’t come with a way to measure the temperature so you’ll need to invest in an infrared thermometer.

So if you are looking for a top-notch oven that will allow you to spend more time relaxing and less time babysitting your pizza, the Mimiuo is a great option for you.

4. The highest grade Oven - The Gozney Dome

overall score
Gozney Dome in action
By: Gozney
Our Ratings

Performance 5/5   Ease of use 4/5   Heat retention 4.5/5  Assembly 5/5

Have you ever seen one of those professional pizza ovens in a pizzeria, and wished you had one of those in your backyard?

Well, Gozeny took that mission on themselves and created the “Dome” – The Ultimate pizza oven that will turn your garden into an Italian pizzeria.

Why is the Dome the best performer?

One of my favorite things about the Dome is that it’s different from the normal pizza ovens on the market.

Due to its spacious design, you won’t be limited to baking one 12-inch pizza at a time, instead, the oven is capable of baking even 2 Neapolitan pizzas at once.

As required from every pizza oven, the Dome reaches temperatures as high as 500 degrees Celsius, and the best part is that it can easily retain it.

The Dome is well-insulated and retaining heat is not even a challenge for this oven. It has a unique door that will keep the oven hot for hours, allowing you to from slow roasts, smoke, or steam food.

The cooking possibilities with this oven are endless, and Gozeny made a guide on how to cook each type of food in the dome.

If you are open-minded, the Dome is capable to work as a wood-fire oven as well with no extra addon needed!

And finally, if you’re concerned that you will be stuck one day with a heavy oven in the middle of your yard, don’t worry. Unlike other big wood fire ovens on the market, the dome is easy to transfer around once it is placed on its stand.


what are the Downsides of The Dome? 

As great as this oven is, it is not the best in every aspect.

One of the main things is its price tag.

Although for some of us it might not be a big investment, the Dome comes with a high price tag.

The oven itself will cost you about $1,799, and if you don’t have the essential accessories to work with it (a stand, peel, cover, etc.), you will need to spend more money and it will come out overpriced.

The second thing is that the dome is not the most beginner-friendly oven. 

Although this isn’t much of a problem with the oven, I think it is not the best suit for people who are just starting out or have no knowledge about pizza.


Is the Dome worth buying?

If you are willing to invest in a high-grade oven and are passionate about making pizzas, the Dome is the oven for you. 

It is my top pick when it comes to large outdoor pizza ovens, and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

It is a high-quality product that is built to last, and you will enjoy every second you spend with it.

Results of the Gozney Dome

5. best multifuel oven - Ooni Karu 16

overall score

Our Ratings

Performance 5/5      Ease of use 4/5    Heat retention 5/5   Assembly 5/5

The Ooni Karu is the world’s first portable propane pizza oven that uses new high-end technology – A see-through glass door.

Not like all the ovens I’ve seen before, the glass door on the Karu allows you to monetize your pizzas without having to open the door every few seconds. 

But it doesn’t end there.

The door of the Karu also makes the oven a pro-heat-retainer compared to its competitors. With the door closed, the oven will keep the heat from “escaping” and you won’t have to consistently be waiting for the oven to heat back up between pizzas.

In long term, this fuel-efficient feature will save you lots of time, gas, and most importantly, money.

The Karu 16 is also equipped with a built-in digital thermometer that measures the middle of your stone’s temp.

The downside of the Karu

The only problem with the Karu 16 is that it doesn’t come with a gas option as stock. Instead, you will need to spend an additional 100$ and buy the gas burner add-on.

As a result, the Karu will end up with a high price tag compared to other ovens out there, but you need to keep in mind that it does come with unique features that you won’t find on any other oven.

Is the Karu 16 worth buying?

Overall, the Karu 16 performs well. It reaches 500 degrees in no time and will cook you awesome pizzas with a nice char.

With the Karu 16, you definitely get an oven that has everything you’ll want in a pizza oven.

You get a very large and comfortable working area that won’t keep you limited, you have the flexibility of using gas or wood, and most importantly, you get an oven that is built well and made by one of the best companies out there.

The bottom line, if you are looking for an oven that is spacious and comfortable to work with, fuel-efficient, and answers every pizzaiolo’s needs, the Ooni karu 16 will definitely be worth the investment.


Ooni Kura 16 first use
By: Ooni

6. best budget choice - NutriChef NCPIZOVN

overall score

Our Ratings

Performance 4/5      Ease of use 4/5      Heat retention 3/5   Assembly 3/5

Who doesn’t want their own pizza oven? It opens you to a new world of cooking, and in no time your cooking results will be able to compete with your local pizzerias.

The problem is that most pizza ovens on the market have a high price tag, and for most of us, buying one won’t be a small investment.

But what if you still want to add a pizza oven to your backyard and don’t want to spend a lot of money?

Well, that’s where the NutriChef pizza oven comes into place. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to make high-end pizzas at home without breaking the bank.

With an investment of less than 250$, you get an oven that reaches 500 c in just 15 minutes and is guaranteed to cook you up to 12-inch pizzas in under 2 minutes.

Overall, the quality of the oven is not bad at all. Made from high-grade stainless steel, and a powder-coated shell, it’s built to last.

And how can I skip the most important part – the performance. The Nutrichef is able to perfectly bake pizzas and achieve that crispy crust and a well-done base.

The downside of the Nutrichef

Although overall the Nutrichef is a great oven, it does have its flaws. 

One of the main drawbacks of this oven is the way it is built.

Here is the thing, EVERY 12-inch pizza oven comes with a single burning source which will always be placed at the back of the oven. The reason for that is to utilize as much as possible the cooking area and keep it as spacious as possible.

However, the Nutrichef is a 12-inch pizza oven that comes with an L burner (same as the Koda 16). The L burner produces too much heat in such a small oven, and you will end up consistently burning your pizzas.

Is the Nutrichef worth buying?

Overall, the Nutrichef is a decent oven considering that it is one of the cheapest deals out there.

If you are looking for an oven that will get the job done and will be far cheaper than the expensive ovens on the market, the Nutrichef is a perfect suit for you.

If you are looking for a more spacious oven that can cook larger pizzas, and want to be sure you are going with a reliable company that will keep you covered, the Koda 16 will be a better choice.

7. Bertello - combine wood & propane

overall score

Our Ratings

Performance 4/5      Ease of use 4/5      Heat retention 4/5   Assembly 3/5

Compared to all types of pizza ovens, propane ones are without a doubt the easiest to use.

All they require is to light them up, wait for the oven to reach the proper temp, and then you have an oven that can be running consistently for hours.

The only downside with propane ovens is that you don’t get that authentic wood-fire aroma to your food. 

But with the Bertello, that’s not an issue.

The Bertello is a pizza oven that allows you to have a consistent flame and a smokey wood-fired flavor at the same time.

All it requires is to light up the gas burner, add pellets or wood chunks to the wood tray, and there you have it, a wood-fire oven with no need to deal with wood or fire.

The oven itself is made out of materials that make sure the heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking chamber.

Bertello is also one of the most portable ovens on my list. 

The oven is compact and lightweight and will be easy to carry around and travel with. In addition, you can use pellets to fuel this oven which is more convenient than gas if you are traveling.


The downsides of the Bertello

The Bertello Isn’t the best when it comes to safety. The body tends to heat up during use, and if you’re not careful, you can easily get burned. 

Another thing is that when you open the wood lid mid-baking, the flames shoot up very high, so be careful not to get close to it.


Is the Bertello worth buying?

Although the Bertello is overall a great oven that has shown great performance, it wouldn’t be my first choice to buy (as a propane pizza oven).

Unless you think using the combination of gas and wood will be very useful, I think there are better options on the market at that price range. 

If I am going to pay that amount of money I rather go with a reliable and well-known company that will ensure the best quality of product and service.

8. BIG HORN - a dual burner oven

overall score

Our Ratings

Performance 3/5      Ease of use 4/5      Heat retention 4/5   Assembly 3/5

The big horn is one of the most powerful pizza ovens I’ve seen. According to the manufacturers, the oven is able to reach over 1000°F which is definitely the highest among propane pizza ovens.

It’s a medium-size oven that is capable of fitting 13-inch pizzas and has a large entrance so you’ll be able to easily slide the pizzas in and out.

The oven is equipped with a foldable pizza peel, a temperature gauge to help you monitor those extreme temperatures, and a door that will help retain the heat and expand your cooking options.

Now, with all of these boring features every oven has, here’s one I am sure you didn’t hear of – a double burner.

In the Big Horn, you get two side burners instead of a single one that is usually located in the back.

The double burner allows you to have more control over the heat, and be able to evenly cook your pizzas without any hot or cold spots on your stone.


The downsides of the Big Horn

Although Big Horn did a great job bringing something new to the propane pizza market, the oven does come with a few downsides.

First of all, compared to other ovens, the quality of the materials on the Big Horn is on the lower side. 

The oven’s body is made out of a thin metal layer that won’t do a great job protecting you from getting burnt. 

In addition, I am not quite sure that the two-side burner is something you’ll need on a pizza oven.

A good pizza oven should be able to reach over 400°C. But is an oven that reaches over 600°C necessary?

In my opinion, not really…

When a pizza oven heats up too much, the results are simple – A burnt crust & a burnt base. And what is too hot you ask? Well, from my own experience, when a stone gets hotter than 500°C the base burns in seconds.


Is the Big Horn worth buying?

The bottom line is that the Big Horn is a great outdoor oven that can reach impressive temps and has a cool feature no other oven has.

But is it worth being your next propane outdoor pizza oven?

Personally, I don’t think the two burners are necessary on a pizza oven, and I am positive that even if you had them you wouldn’t use them.

If you are looking for a specific oven for pizzas, I think there are better options out there that will come with better performance and a greater value for money.

9. Camp chef - awesome NY style pizza

overall score

Our Ratings

Performance 3/5      Ease of use 4/5      Heat retention 3/5   Assembly 3/5

The camp chef pizza oven is also a common choice among pizza lovers.

The oven is very easy to set up and doesn’t require any assembly. Just take it out of the box, hook it to a propane tank, and you’re ready to cook.

The camp chef pizza oven also comes with a built-in temperature gauge so you can always keep an eye on the oven’s temperature and make sure it is where you want it to be.

As for the cooking performance, the camp chef can reach up to 700°F (371°C) and is able to bake bread, medium-size pizzas, and even roast different types of meat.

The downsides of the Camp Chef

Although the camp chef is a common oven, it does have some downsides.

To begin with, unlike most of the pizza ovens out there, the camp chef doesn’t reach the optimal temp for pizza cooking.

The oven only reaches up to 700°F, which is quite low and will impact your results, causing uneven cook on your pizzas.

Another major thing that will impact your cooking results in the Camp Chef, is that your pizzas aren’t exposed to a live flame. Instead, they will be cooked by the stone’s heat and the ambient heat.

In my opinion, a live flame is a must-have in any pizza oven and it is essential to achieve that unique aroma that no conventional oven can get.

In addition, the oven isn’t made out of the best materials.

Some owners reported that the Camp Chef has some durability issues, as the gas regulator got damaged after a short time of use.

Is the Camp Chef worth buying?

Although the Camp Chef can be a great outdoor oven, it wouldn’t be my first choice if I were to buy a propane PIZZA oven.

Compared to other ovens on the market, the Camp Chef does come with a bit more downsides.

As for a pizza oven, I think that the Camp Chef does have some room for improvement and it isn’t able to achieve the results I would expect from a pizza oven.

The bottom line is that in the price range of the Camp Chef, there are better options on the market that will offer you better performance and a greater value for your money.


1. How much propane does a pizza oven use?

Giving an exact answer to this question is difficult because every pizza oven consumes a different amount of propane. 

According to a test we made, comparing 10 different propane pizza ovens, the average propane pizza oven consumes around 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) of propane per hour.

This is with the burner set to high and will change depending on your cooking habits and preferences.


2. Which type of pizza oven is best?

When it comes to outdoor pizza ovens, there are two main types: wood-fired and gas, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood-fired ovens create a distinctly authentic flavor, as the smoke from the wood infuses into the pizza. However, these ovens require a high level of skill to use and can be difficult to maintain at a consistent temperature. 

Gas ovens, on the other hand, are much easier to control, making them a better choice for beginners. They also heat up more quickly than wood-fired ovens. 

The downside is that they are not able to produce the same lovely smoky flavor.

Ultimately, the best type of pizza oven is the one that best suits your needs. If you’re looking for authentic flavor, go with a wood-fired oven. If you’re more concerned with ease of use, a gas oven is the one for you.


3. How long does a propane tank last on a pizza oven?

We can find out how long a propane tank will last with a simple calculation:

The average pizza oven owner is using a standard 20 lbs propane tank, which is around 9 kg of propane. 

With that said, we need to consider that on average propane pizza ovens consume 0.5 kg of propane per hour.

With that in mind, a full tank should last you approximately 18 hours but in reality, I’d say it will be around 16 hours.


4. What kind of gas does Ooni pizza oven use?

Depending on the exact type of oven, Ooni pizza ovens mainly use propane and natural gas as fuel sources.

Except for the Ooni Fyra, all Ooni pizza ovens are capable to be used on propane gas.

With that said, only the Ooni Karu 16/12 and the Koda 16 can be used on natural gas if you are willing to pay extra for an additional conversion kit.


5. What can you cook in an outdoor gas pizza oven?

Many people think of gas pizza ovens as being solely for cooking pizzas. However, these versatile appliances can be used for cooking a variety of other dishes as well.

One popular option is to use the oven as a grill. Fish, chicken, and vegetables can all be cooked to perfection on the hot stone (with a proper cast iron pan). 

The intense heat results in perfectly cooked food that is packed with flavor. 

Additionally, ovens that come with a lid can be used for baking bread and desserts. The high heat creates a crisp, crusty exterior while keeping the interior soft and moist. 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to cooking in an outdoor gas pizza oven, so get creative and experiment with different recipes. You might be surprised at what you can create.