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The 5 Best Indoor Pizza Ovens Of 2022 [Reviewed] – And Which To Avoid

Breville pizza oven in action
Image credit: Breville

In today’s world, the new growing trend of indoor pizza ovens makes the professional-pizza-making process easy, even for beginners!

Home-use pizza ovens are designed to bring the experience of a pizzeria, into your own kitchen or backyard.

Generally, outdoor pizza ovens make the best type of pizza ovens compared to indoor ones.

But, if you don’t have a suitable outdoor space or don’t fancy cooking outside in subzero temperatures, don’t worry! There are a few options that will do the same job in your kitchen…

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 5 BEST indoor pizza oven options (and which ones aren’t worth your money).

Table of Contents

1. Editors' Choice - Breville Smart Pizzaiolo

the ultimate indoor pizza oven – best performer & beginner friendly


The Breville smart pizza oven is in my opinion, by far THE BEST product out there. 

The “Pizzaiolo” is a fully automatic oven that has multiple operation settings so you can make a different style of pizza each time, from Neapolitan style to new York style, thin-crust pizza, pan pizza, etc. 

It also comes with a pizza peel and a stainless steel pan, which is a great deal.

The Breville smart oven technology stands up for itself and makes it an indoor pizza oven that easily competes with the best outdoor ovens out there.

In fact, Some owners claim that because the oven baked them such professional pizzas, they stopped using their outdoor oven.

The unique TECH makes it a suitable oven for everyone from brand newbies to professional chefs at a restaurant.

So for those of you who want to show off and make professional pizzas at a pizza night, make sure to check this one out.

what we like

  • Fully automatic
  • Breville offers a 2-year warranty
  • Beats most outdoor ovens
  • Can make many different types of pizzas
  • can make 12″ pizzas

what we don’t like

  • High price
  • Takes 15 min to preheat

2. Best overall oven - Ariete 909 pizza oven

best Overall indoor pizza oven – for PRO pizzaiolos 


While the biggest companies in the market struggle to make an affordable indoor pizza oven, the “Ariete 909” might be the best kitchen pizza oven out there. 

While the key to achieving a good pizza is to cook it in high temperatures, the oven reaches 400°C! and can cook a 12-inch pizza in just a few minutes. This element ensures you can make a pizzeria-level pizza in your kitchen.

The oven comes with 5 different heating settings, allowing you to adjust the heat and make various types of pizzas. You can also use it as a grill, which is pretty neat.

The Ariete 909 has a lot of features that make it the best indoor pizza oven in 2022, but its affordable price is what makes it stand out from the competition. 

By investing in this oven, you’ll pay almost half the price of the Breville, and in return, get an oven that is only a little bit less effective.

what we like

  •  Heats up to 400°C
  • Cooks a 12-inch pizza in minutes
  • 5 different heating settings
  • Can also be used as a grill
  • Very affordable price

what we don’t like

  • Runs low in stock
  • Not really beginner-friendly

3. Budget Choice - Betty Crocker Countertop Pizza Maker

Best budget indoor pizza oven – for making frozen and simple pizzas


The Betty Crocker countertop pizza maker is probably one of the cheapest options out there. It’s basic and it works similarly to a regular toaster. you just need to plug it in, wait a few minutes and toss in the pizza.

The cooking is on the longer side and takes about 10 – 20 minutes and regarding the low price, the results are not that bad.

This oven is made to cook simple 12″ pizzas and can also make quesadillas, nachos, quiches, cookies, pancakes, and more.

Overall, this oven has limited cooking options and it is primarily capable of making thin-crust or frozen pizzas.

If you’re looking for something more specific for pizza making, I would recommend using a regular pizza stone or one of the other options on this list.

But, if you’re on a budget and want a cheap oven that can do more than just pizzas, the Betty Crocker is a decent choice.

what we like

  • Cheap price
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

what we don’t like

  • Doesn’t get the perfect results
  • Quality isn’t great
  • Missing an on/off switch

4. WISCO 421 Pizza Oven


The “WISCO” pizza oven is a really good choice as an indoor pizza oven. It is beginner-friendly and really easy to use and clean. It can reach about 250°C in just a few minutes, perfect for making crunchy crust pizzas!

This oven can make many types of pizzas as well and the results won’t disappoint you. The oven is designed well and it’s considered medium-sized, so make sure you have enough space for it. 

The quality of materials is excellent compared to other products out there. 

The downside to this oven is that a small number of owners complained that sometimes it overheats and starts smoking.

If your home oven cant reach high temperatures and you wish to make pizzas in it, this oven can be a great alternative. 

what we like

  • Easy to use & clean
  • Can reach up to 250°C
  • Great value for money

what we don’t like

  • Isn’t far different from a good home oven
  • Some users reported overheating

5. Best kitchen Pizza Maker - Crispy Crust pizza oven


This Crispy Crust pizza oven is the second pizza oven by Breville.

Breville came out with a cheaper pizza oven option that is really good for people that are just starting to experiment with making pizzas at home.

This oven can reach up to 300°C and has a 12″ stone that ensures an evenly cooked pizza. The design is similar to Ariete 909, equipped with two heating elements on top and bottom.

The Crispy crust also has 5 different heating settings and each one suits a different type of pizza.

Like the smart pizzaiolo, the Crispy Crust has a small window so you can keep an eye on the entire cook.

Overall, this oven is quite the same as the Ariete 909 and they also come with a similar price tag. 

If you ask me, the Ariete is a better option than the Crispy Crust.

The Ariete 909 offers slightly better performance than the competition; it has a better reputation among customers, the quality of the product is better, and they come with a similar price tag.

6. Best oven in the UK - G3 Ferrari


If you already know a thing or two about homemade pizza, this might be the best choice for you. This oven was created and designed on the pizza land – Italy. 

The G3 allows you to have an outdoor pizza oven experience in your home kitchen. The oven reaches 400°C – which is incredible. The short cooking time in high temps is exactly what you need to get a crispy evened cooked pizza.

You will enjoy two different heating elements, on the top & bottom, and a 12″ stone that comes with two small matching peels.

Summing up, if you are looking for an affordable indoor pizza oven that will ensure you the best results, this is the choice for you.

what we like

  • Easy to use
  • Can reach up to 400°C
  • Compact design
  • Great value for money

what we don’t like

  • Runs low in stock

What should you avoid?

Although indoor pizza ovens can be great, there are some types you should stay away from. 

Let me explain:

Toaster/Air fryer ovens 

These ovens are just not so different from a regular oven. They reach the same temps (about 250°C) and are designed to be smaller. In fact, regular ovens are better insulated, so they usually heat up faster and retain the heat better. 

If you want something specific for pizza, toaster ovens will just be a waste of your money. In this case, using your regular home oven with a pizza steel will do a nice job.

Outdoor pizza ovens

As simple as it sounds, outdoor ovens are meant for outdoor use only. Although some people advise you to put an outdoor oven inside, doing that is dangerous and forbidden by Manufacturers. Just avoid it!

Indoor VS Outdoor – which is better

The simple answer is – outdoor pizza ovens are better. The heating element in most outdoor pizza ovens is fire, which gives the pizza a unique taste that no indoor pizza oven can achieve.

There are just a few indoor pizza ovens that can achieve outdoor oven results (Breville Pizzaiolo is one of them).

The only problem is that they are pricey. The average outdoor pizza oven will cost you about 500$, while the price for an indoor one that will get the same results will be 1000$.

Summing up, if you have a suitable place for an outdoor oven in your backyard, you should defiantly choose that option over an indoor one.

On the other hand, if you don’t have room for an outdoor oven, you can find an indoor one that will do a similar job and make fantastic pizzas for you.


If you still didn’t find a suitable indoor pizza oven, don’t worry – I got you!

Pizza Steel

Pizza steel will be the best option for those who don’t have an indoor/outdoor pizza oven. 

Pizza steels are cheap compared to pizza ovens and are used in your home oven. You just need to preheat the steel and launch the pizza in the oven, and the results are outstanding!

Pizza Stone

Pizza stones are also a great option and perform quite like pizza steels.

Although pizza stones are generally cheaper than pizza steels, I personally, would pick a pizza steel.

Read more about pizza stone vs steel.

Buyer’s guide how to choose the right indoor pizza oven for you

Choosing the right pizza oven for you isn’t so simple – I know, I’ve been there too.

This guide is made to help you choose the perfect indoor pizza oven that will suit your specific needs.

I’ll explain what you should consider and look for when choosing an indoor pizza oven.
Let’s dive right into the MOST important things to look for:

1. Warranty

All pizza ovens are meant to work at high temperatures. When most materials get exposed to those temps, their durability gets weakened.

In some cases, pizza ovens get damaged after a while and without a warranty, you will be left with nothing. Some manufacturers are awarded to that and will cover you in some cases.

I highly recommend you go with a reliable well-known company so you will get good customer support if you have any issues.

2. Cooking surface

Indoor ovens usually have two cooking surface types – stone and non-stick plates.

A stone cooking surface is best suited for baking pizzas. That’s why it’s the most common one. It gives the pizza an authentic, unique taste that no other surface can achieve.

The only downside about them is that their durability isn’t perfect, and some stones crack after a long time.

Non-stick plates are generally related to the cheaper indoor ovens. They will do the job of cooking through the pizza dough, but you will still struggle to get a nice, browned crust.

The plus side of this surface is that it’s easier to clean and harder to break.

3. Heating element

The heating element is the key to achieving the perfect pizza. You don’t want to get an uncooked crust with burnt cheese.

Therefore, you should always look for an indoor pizza oven with heating elements on the top and bottom. That will help you get balanced cooking results.

Some Advanced ovens allow you to control the exact temperature on top and bottom. That feature will make your life easier and help you get the results you like.

(An infrared thermometer can be an alternative if you don’t have that feature).

4. Adjustable temperature

A good indoor pizza oven should have a few temperature options. Why?

If an oven has only one temp mode, you will get the same results on every cook. That will hold you back from achieving your preferred results.

Instead, some ovens are designed with Adjustable temperature, so you’ll have a free hand on the cooking.

5. Reviews

But you just read a full detailed review,

why should you read more?

Well, although I try my best to give you all the details you need to know, I think you should still read other owners’ thoughts. Here is what I mean:

When I was thinking about buying the Breville pizzaiolo I was really into it, so I wanted to see if people were happy with it. What is the best thing to do in that case? Ask the owners. So, I browsed a social group of the pizza ovens owners and saw that people were very happy with it.

I think reading owners’ reviews is a good step before buying a product, you may get a better knowledge about how a product performs and if it is worth buying.

6. Size & Weight

The size of your future pizza oven is an important thing to consider. I am guessing you aren’t a pizza shop, so you won’t want to buy a commercial pizza oven by accident that will be too big for your kitchen.

You also may need to consider if you want a permanent oven in your kitchen, or maybe store it after every use?

I would say, in that case, go for something in the middle. You don’t want something too small because their performance is poor. On the other hand, you do not want something heavy that you will have to strain to move if you want to make room in your kitchen.

Make sure you know in advance how much space you can spare for an oven and check the size & weight of the one you are about to buy.

7. Features

The features of your oven will have a significant effect on the cooking results you get. Every pizza oven out there has its unique features.

The features you should look for depends on two things: The level of skills you have and how much work you want to put into the cooking. If you are a beginner or looking for an oven that will make an exact type of pizza instead of you – you might want to go for one that is more automated and have different cooking settings to it, like thin crust pizza or Neapolitan style pizza, etc.

If you have more experience, you can go with one that only has different temp options and manually cook the pizza in it.

8. Accessories

To cook a pizza, you will need a few additional accessories:

• You will need a pizza stone, so you’ll have something to cook the pizza on.

• To launch the pizza on the stone, you will need a pizza peel.

• You will want to know when the oven reached the right temp, so you’ll need something to check it, like an infrared thermometer or a built-in one.

When you look to purchase an oven, you should make sure it comes with these additional accessories, so you will have the right tools to cook and won’t need to buy other ones.

9. Price

Considering the price depends on how much you want to spend on a pizza oven and how professional you want it to be.

Mabey you are at a starting point and looking to upgrade from your home oven like I was, but beware – after a few successful cooks, you will fall in love with it.

So you should keep that in mind, maybe you will start making pizzas more often, you will probably want to upgrade again from the cheap oven you just got to a more professional one, again it’s up to you and depend on your needs – you can always find the middle between them.

10. Safety

In general, always look for a product that is safe and reliable! more importantly, if you have children running around in your kitchen.

As I said before, pizza ovens get to extremely high temps. A safe oven should have good insulation & ventilation and should have heat-resistant handles to keep anyone from getting hurt.

Check what safety features the oven offers and see what other owners say about it.


1. Are indoor pizza ovens with it?

Absolutely! If you are a pizza person and love making pizza, an indoor pizza oven will change your perspective about making pizzas at home. 

If you want to cook pizzas like a pro in your kitchen, indoor pizza ovens will be perfect for you. It’s a must-have product that every pizza lover should own in my opinion.

Fun fact:

Some outdoor oven owners that switched to the “Breville pizzaiolo” think that indoor pizza ovens are way more convenient. 

2. How much does an indoor pizza oven cost?

Indoor pizza oven prices depend on the level of oven you get. The simple ones that come with only a few features will start at about 150 $, while the high-end ones that contain everything you need will cost you about 900$.  

3. Do indoor pizza ovens use a lot of electricity?

Absolutely not! 

Using an electric pizza oven will be 80% cheaper than using a gas one.

As a matter of fact, a study we did showed that electric pizza ovens are the cheapest ones to operate compared to gas, wood, pellets, and charcoal ovens. 

The cost of using different types of pizza oven fuels

4. Who would benefit from owning an indoor pizza oven?

In general, almost every person that will buy an indoor pizza oven will benefit from it. If you want to get into details, here are the ones that will benefit from it the most:

  1. Pizza lovers that like to make homemade pizza.
  2. People that host pizza nights at their homes and don’t want to wait forever for a single pizza to come out.
  3. Even small pizzerias can use a few indoor ovens in their business.
  4. People that don’t have a suitable place or weather conditions to use an outdoor pizza oven.

5. How long does it take for an indoor pizza oven to preheat?

Preheating time depends upon a few factors: How hot you want the oven to get, how powerful the heating elements are, how well insulated it is and the size of it.

 Anyway, if we look at the overall, the average preheating time is about 15 to 30 minutes.

6. What types of pizzas can you make in an indoor pizza oven?

You can make thin-crust pizza, regular pizza, and Neapolitan-style pizza in almost every indoor pizza oven. There are indeed pizza ovens like “Breville Pizzaiolo”  that are capable of making all types of pizzas and have a unique mode for each style. 

However, there are some ovens that can’t make every type of pizza and are too small for types like big airy crust pizza or a “deep-dish” pizza.

7. How can you clean a pizza oven?

Cleaning a pizza oven is quite simple. Unless the ovens’ manual doesn’t say otherwise, you just need to follow a few steps: 

First, gently scrape off the food remains from the stone, then run it on max heat for about 30 to 45 minutes and the oven should be cleaner.

8. what makes indoor pizza ovens different?

Indoor pizza ovens are different in many aspects. Indoor pizza ovens can cook at almost double the temperature a regular oven can reach.

 In addition, pizza ovens have a stone as the backing surface which is crucial for getting an even cook on your pizza. 

Finally, pizza ovens are surprisingly small. Their size is about 5 times smaller than a regular & outdoor pizza oven.

9. What additional cooks can you do in an indoor pizza oven?

Depending on the type of oven, you can usually make lots of different meals besides pizza. You can make many pastries like bread, focaccia, calzone or even baked goods like cookies, muffins, cakes, etc.

In some models, you can make cooked vegetables like stuffed mushrooms, Padron peppers, and roasted auberge. If that is not enough some people use their indoor pizza oven instead of their regular oven to cook steak, fish, chicken, and other similar foods.

10. What are some tips for using my indoor pizza oven?

If you are going to own an indoor pizza oven, here are some tips for you:

  • Check the temperature of the stone and inside the oven before launching the pizza. Making pizza is a science-based process. To get accurate results you want to avoid cutting edges on the steps you need to follow. For example, if you will launch the pizza when the oven isn’t hot enough, you won’t get the right result.
  • Another important thing is to clean your oven occasionally. The secret that will keep your pizza oven working as long as possible is to keep it well-maintained. Make sure your oven gets cleaned often, don’t place it somewhere that will cause damage, and follow the manufacturer’s tips to keep it maintained.
  • The final tip is about safety. Remember, a pizza oven gets hot, always make sure to follow the instructions and don’t let kids mess around it.

Final Thoughts

If you got here, I hope you already have in mind which pizza oven you are going to buy. Although I tried to give you the most useful and relevant buyer’s guide, you might still be confused. 

I’ll try to sum up the most important points you should consider before buying one.

If you are really into making pizzas in your kitchen and want to take your results one step further, your best option will be the pizzaiolo oven.

 If you like making pizzas at home and want to own indoor and outdoor ovens, the crispy crust / G3 (depending on your location) will perfectly serve your needs. 

If your main goal is to make frozen-bought pizza, you can go with the cheaper options.

The most important things you should look for in your oven are: 

good warranty and customer reviews, double-deck heating elements, a good stone as the cooking surface, and useful features including safety ones.

I am sure that you will be happy with a good pizza oven and enjoy the use. Don’t forget to treat and take good care of your oven for max performance! 

I hope this article was helpful. Make sure to share it with a friend that is looking to buy an indoor pizza oven.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us – we will be more than happy to help you!